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In a few minutes to your H+H FlexShelf 3D view

With the H+H FlexShelf, everything is organized - because in just a few minutes it is possible for you to receive customized storage systems with the new 3D Builder.

Is it normal for a shelf to give you so much pleasure?

H+H SYSTEM rules the art of organization. With the H+H FlexShelf an exciting rack structure is quickly built.


3D Builder

Design your storage system according to your wishes.

Mobile Unit

Empty Configuration

Storage Unit


H+H FlexShelf
Organization is everything

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FlexShelf was specially developed by H+H SYSTEM for use in hospitals. As a multifunctional storage and organization system for medicines and consumer goods as well as an ergonomically optimized workstation and offers a number of Advantages.


Among other things, they resulted in robustness and compatibility with accessories of various kinds.

For example, with the intelligent ISO module system, with the shelf organization, the drawers from H+H SYSTEM and with products from other manufacturers.